Corporate Governance

Sound corporate governance practices and ethical business conduct remain at the core of HCC’s value system. The Company’s philosophy on corporate governance stems from its belief that timely disclosures, transparent accounting policies, and a strong and independent Board go a long way in maximizing corporate value. HCC believes that all actions and strategic plans should deliver value to all stakeholders, including shareholders, as well as conform to the highest standards of corporate behaviour. It was this conviction, which led HCC to incorporate good governance practices much before it was legally mandated in the country. 

Good Corporate Governance practices have always been an integral part of HCC’s philosophy which is further strengthened by adoption of HCC’s Code of Conduct. As a Company which believes in implementing corporate governance practices that goes beyond meeting the letter of law, HCC has adopted practices and established systems and procedures fully compliant in both letter and spirit well before the day of mandate.

Investors can contact the Registrars with respect to any queries or they may also contact the Investor Relations Officer of the Company at the Registered Office


Registrar and Share Transfer Agent

Ms. Mary George

TSR Darashaw Limited Unit : Hindustan Construction Co Ltd 
6-10 Haji Moosa Patrawala Industrial Estate 
20 Dr. E Moses Road 
Mahalaxmi Mumbai 400 011.

Tel: 022-6656 8484 
Fax: 022- 6656 8494 
E-mail : 
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Investor Relations Officer

Mr. Santosh Kadam

Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd 
Hincon House, LBS Marg, 
Vikhroli (West), Mumbai-400 083 
Tel: 022-2575 1000 
Fax: 022-2577 5950