HCC – A Brief Insight

HCC is a pioneer in India’s infrastructure industry, having executed landmark projects that have defined the country’s progress since 1926. Maintaining our legacy of innovation in engineering and construction, we continue to add new milestones with every passing year, building world-class infrastructure and creating new opportunities for everyone. 


  • Transportation: Roads, Highways, Expressways, Bridges, Elevated Corridors, Railways, MRTS (Metro Rails), Ports and Marine Structures
  • Hydroelectric Power Projects: Dams, Barrages, Tunnels, Powerhouses, Shafts, all types of underground works
  • Nuclear Power Projects: Reactors, Auxiliary Buildings, Spent Fuel Buildings, Safety Pump Houses and Control Buildings
  • Water Solutions: Integrated Water Supply Systems, Bulk Water Transmission, Dams, Barrages, Irrigation, Water Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants, Aqueducts
  • Buildings and Industrial: Hydrocarbon, Metals & Process Plants and Factories, Residential & Commercial Buildings, Institutional Buildings, Station Buildings

HCC has a long-standing commitment to creating responsible infrastructure. Sustainability is an integral part of our approach to business and work practices.


To be the industry leader and a market driven engineering construction company renowned for excellence, quality, performance and reliability in all types of construction.


  • To be the customer’s preferred choice for providing construction services
  • Constantly assess the needs, realities and values of the customer and set goals to satisfy their needs
  • Continually innovate, develop and adopt state-of-the-art technologies, methodologies and materials to deliver customer satisfaction through better, faster and cheaper construction services
  • Continually aspire to deliver higher standards of safety, occupational health and environment protection at work
  • Continually develop and maintain a robust supply chain that will help us deliver value to the customer on time and to expectations
  • Continually improve the competence of our people through education and by inculcating strict principles of conduct and responsibility, high standards of performance, and respect for individuals and their work
  • Organize work for effectiveness in delivering results and always look to commit today’s resources to the future
  • To build a reputation of trust and reliability amongst our customers, other stakeholders and society

Our Founder: Seth Walchand Hirachand

Seth Walchand Hirachand is widely hailed as the Father of the Indian Transportation Industry. He is remembered as the man who took an ambitious yet pragmatic stand in challenging British monopolies, a feat that resulted in India’s first shipyard, aircraft factory and automobile factory.

He began his entrepreneurial foray in the Construction industry, first as a railway contractor and then as a contractor to other departments of Government.  Some of the major projects executed by him include tunnelling through the Bhor Ghats for a railway route from Mumbai to Pune and laying of water pipes from Tansa lake to Mumbai. Other major projects executed by him include the Kalabag Bridge over the Indus River and a bridge across the Irrawaddy River in Burma.

A proud son of India, Seth Walchand Hirachand led the battle against undue restrictions on Indian entrepreneurship during the freedom struggle. A daring visionary, his firm belief that Indian businessmen could compete with the best in the world underscored his successful forays into uncharted waters.

By the end of his journey, Seth Walchand Hirachand had created enterprises that spanned the entire industrial spectrum, including Construction, Shipping, Engineering, Agriculture and Agricultural Products, Automobiles, Aerospace, and Finance.

HCC Milestones