WEF - Annual Meeting in Davos 2017

January 2017: Mr. Ajit Gulabchand, Chairman and Managing Director, HCC, participated in the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum held on January 17-20, 2017 in Davos, Switzerland. Convened under the theme Responsive and Responsible Leadership, leaders participating in the Annual Meeting 2017 focused on five critical challenges - Strengthening global collaboration, revitalizing economic growth, reforming capitalism, preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and restoring a sense of shared identity.

The agenda was devoted to the forum’s 14 System Initiatives, namely: Shaping the Future of 

  1. Consumption;
  2. Digital Economy and Society
  3. Economic Growth and Social Inclusion;
  4. Education, Gender and Work;
  5. Energy;
  6. Environment and Natural Resource Security;
  7. Financial and Monetary Systems;
  8. Food Security and Agriculture;
  9. Health and Healthcare;
  10. Information and Entertainment
  11. International Trade and Investment;
  12. Long-Term Investing, Infrastructure and Development;
  13. Mobility;
  14. Production;


Mr. Gulabchand participated in three sessions. He was the discussion leader in the session “Getting Infrastructure Back on Track”. During this session Mr. Gulabchand focused mainly on two topics –’What way do infrastructure leaders embrace the change of the 4th industrial revolution in their industry?’ and ‘What is the role of the industry in global economic growth, are we doing enough?’

Mr. Gulabchand co-chaired the “Governors Meeting for Infrastructure & Urban Development and Governors Policy Meeting for Infrastructure & Urban Development”. During this session participants discussed how over the time cities will become economic powerhouses.

To achieve service excellence, affordability and sustainability targets, a holistic and long-term approach to the planning, design and building of cities and their infrastructure is required. This can be achieved by Public-Private partnership model. It will reduce the infrastructure gap and increase the public sector’s capacity to meet the need for effective and holistic infrastructure implementation. With the help of the private sector, city leaders also need to address the affordability gap in the provision of housing and urban infrastructure.

Mr Gulabchand also co-chaired the “Building Trust through Leadership - Community Reception”. The leader’s discussion revolved around the topic that the fight against corruption is a collective concern and it can be won with increased engagement and collaboration across businesses, government and international organizations. The consensus from the private and public sector participants recognize that building trust through leadership is fundamental to eliminate corruption out of the system.