CII - CEO Round Table

November 2016: Mr. Ajit Gulabchand, Chairman and Managing Director, HCC, attended the CII – CEO Round Table on building National Competitiveness 2016 held on Thursday November 24, 2016 at Pune. The CII theme for 2016-17, Building National Competitiveness, emphasizes Industry’s role in partnering Government to accelerate the competitiveness across sectors, with sustained global competitiveness as the goal. This Round Table session was to discuss how the private sector can contribute to the 4 P’s - People, Processes, Principles and Pride to enhance National Competitiveness.

Mr. Gulabchand shared his views on how to boost National Competitiveness. He emphasized that National Competitiveness can only be developed when it is put together at the ground level. He highlighted that businesses are a part of the society and they are serving this society by fulfilling their some or the other needs. Therefore it’s the duty of the business fraternity to serve the society in a manner which is fast, economical and provides the optimum solution. This can only be achieved by creating an environment of healthy competition amongst all the players.

Business houses should thrive to invent and implement the best practises for the optimum utilization of available resources. They should not just rely on the government to persuade them because at times the government is too intrusive which creates disruption in the path of their growth. What can be expected from the government is better infrastructure and friendly laws to assist the business houses to be competitive on the global front.