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HSE Excellence Award

HSE Excellence Award
HSE Excellence Award
HCC Ltd has been awarded the ‘HSE Excellence Construction Sector of the Year’ at the India HSE Summit & Awards 2018 organised by Synnex. The ceremony was held at Hotel Four Seasons, Mumbai, on October 05, 2018, where Mr. Avinash Harde, Vice President – IMS, accepted the award on behalf of the company. This years initiative is to spread awareness regarding the importance of occupational safety and health for workplace ergonomics and employee health and efficiency.
The IMS team has played an extraordinary role in reducing the number of accidents from 103 in 2012-13 to 28 in 2017-18. The team implemented Proactive Safety Observation Program (PSOP) in 2013-14, which brought a fundamental change in the way safety has been observed at all project sites.
The Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control Procedure (HIRAC) procedure was revised and a new procedure of Zero Tolerance and Reward system, endorsed by our CMD, has played an instrumental role in reducing accidents.
Along with the earlier method and subsequent to the successful implementation of PSOP initiatives, the team found that the root cause of every accident was ‘Behavior’. A new initiative named Behavior Based Safety (BBS) was launched to put and end to the root cause of every accident.
With these range and sequence of proactive safety programs, HCC could significantly reduce accidents successfully.
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