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Learning & GrowthLearning & Growth

Learning is considered the nerve centre of HCC. Be it learning the new and latest technology, construction methodology, planning tools, project management or leadership styles, we at HCC are always willing to give the best learning opportunity to our employees.

The learning opportunities for our team is not limited to one or two methods only. We provide multiple opportunities to our employees to learn, depending on their area of expertise/individual levels of competence and organizational needs.

Formal classroom training has been an age old tried and tested methodology for employee learning, which we have adopted in HCC. This, coupled with the practical/ experiential learning in a simulated atmosphere, make the classroom training complete and relevant for the employees. A dedicated practical training workshop near Mumbai is geared to fulfill this requirement.

Learning is incomplete if it cannot be put to action. Hence, on-the-job training is one more area which HCC focuses on. This method of "on-the-job" training has been found to be successful as it provides in-depth knowledge to the employees in their area of activity. Supported by their supervisors and seniors, they get to learn new and different ways of handling a job.

Being a large and diversified organization, HCC provides ample opportunity to the employees to work in cross functional teams on various projects and initiatives undertaken by the Company.

We, at HCC, understand the aspirations of our team members. For grooming them for overall Project Management or General Management roles, we ensure that an employee has worked in various functional areas, before taking up higher responsibilities. Hence, lateral movement with an objective to prepare the employee for key roles is a conscious effort in HCC.

Employee growth in the organization is linked to employee performance and being a large organization with availability of large number of middle and senior level positions, vertical growth has never been a concern for the performing employees.

While providing for the vertical growth, we also take a long-term perspective of an employee's career and hence, and give equal importance to both the Vertical and Horizontal expansion of the responsibilities/expertise areas, i.e taking a path less traveled and getting out of the comfort zone to prove oneself.

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